04 21
America / Los Angeles

Talkoclock enables people everywhere in the world to talk to each other, create new friendships and reconnect with old friends. We break down the walls of traditional social networks by connecting people who would never meet otherwise. Our unique approach is to use voice, person to person, rather than text because voice is the most impactful and personal real-time communication tool that exists.

Rise above the gridlock of text with talkoclock.

Dear users

    Not so long ago we've interviewed many of you about our service. Thanks to it we've realized that many elements of our project need to be reconstructed. Probably the whole service will take on some completely new direction. Due to this fact we've decided to take a vacation. So that we'll have time to create something even more amazing for you! So starting today the Talkoclock project will be paused for some time. From now on you won't be able to request a call or call someone. So don't get surprised! Nevertheless, you shouldn't worry at all. This vacation is temporary. We'll be back with something more advanced (maybe new), useful, and interesting. The new talkoclock will differ from what it is now but we'll surely keep all the bright ideas. You'll love us even more! We hope you'll forgive us for this decision which wasn't easy to make. Your understanding would be appreciated right now as never before! Remember us and come back again soon for our new great service! We wish you as much fun, joy and new emotions as you can get!

    - Talkoclock Team


  • Surprise calls
    on your birthday

    Want to receive birthday wishes greetings from people all over the world. There's nothing like waking up on your birthday to receive greetings from friends and now you can get them from old friends and soon to be new friends!

  • Social alarm

    Have problems waking up? After a positive energizing wakeup call from someone new or an old friend you'll be wide awake to start the day! A live conversation is better than coffee. So make a call request for tomorrow right now!

  • Reminders
    from real people

    With talkoclock you can receive a friendly reminder from someone you've never met before or an old friend precisely at the appointed time and remind you about important things you need to do.


    As the day turns into night, keep your worries out of sight. Call someone to wish a lovely night! Or have someone calling you instead, singing lullabies, talking in soft voice and wishing you a sweet dream!